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Maine Trailer assists Maine CDC

Maine Trailer supplies much needed extra storage space for incoming shipments of PPE for the State of Maine and Maine CDC in Augusta. Recently Maine Trailer provided 10 storage containers mounted to 10 of our container chassis to allow them to load and unload from the receiving dock at CDC warehouse. An initial call on Wednesday was put into action by delivering the first 3 units on Friday.

Maine Trailer Supplies Containers to Global Secure Shipping

Maine Trailer recently attended the dedication ceremony for the first of many containers manufactured by Global Secure Shipping in Old Town, ME. The event attended by Rick Hathaway and Rod Hathaway marked a significant achievement for GSS in being able to produce the only ISO certified secure intermodal shipping container that provides six sided intrusion detection, real time tracking, door opening alerts, and weight reduction.

The ceremony was also marked by Senator Susan Collins announcing an additional multi million dollar grant to UMaine, one of the partners, from the Federal Government for increased production of these "smart" containers. Maine Trailer is proud to be a key partner by supplying containers and key components on the project since the beginning and look forward to working with GSS in the future!