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Storage & Shipping Containers

New and used storage containers*

Shipping containers are a hot commodity in today’s market. Our products come directly from the port to ensure quality. Containers are an excellent solution for short term or long term storage for business or individual use. Load and unload your products or belongings easily with ground level entry. Best of all, they’re weatherproof: There is no need to shovel snow from the roof, and rain runs right off. Rent a container from Maine Trailer for less than a storage unit with double the space!

We offer:

  • 10 foot length
  • 20 foot length
  • 40 foot length
  • High Cube (9.5′ height)
  • Statewide delivery by experienced drivers

10′ – $115 per month, plus delivery and pick-up charge

20′ – $125 per month, plus delivery and pick-up charge

40′ – $150 per month, plus delivery and pick-up charge

40' High Cubes and Double Doors - $165 per month, plus delivery and pick-up charge

*Prices are subject to change. Call or stop by to confirm current pricing.

A completed credit application is necessary for rental agreements.

Delivery charges are calculated per location. Call or send an email to get pricing on your location today!

Find the storage container that’s right for you:

*All containers are at least one-trip over the ocean. A one-trip container is considered new and multi-trip is considered used.

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Be sure to ventilate your container!

You've invested good money into your container. Every once in a while it just needs a little attention.  Do the items in your container seem damp?

The first reaction is to think the container is leaking, but that’s usually not the case. In fact shipping containers occasionally “sweat” on the interior. The build-up of condensation is caused by rapid temperature changes.  Your items could become stale or moldy if ignored too long.


  • Open your cargo doors for at least 30 minutes once a month to allow air to circulate
  • Install moisture absorbers in your container
  • Keep some open airspace inside your container when loading it. Leaving room for airflow is key to a dry container.

DISCLAIMER: Maine Trailer can not move any loaded containers once placed


Want to Rent to Own? We offer that now too!

Our rent-to-own program is now live! If you want to own your container but don't want to pay all the money upfront, this program may be perfect for you! Get the benefits of ownership without the immediate financial burden. It's a smart way to manage expenses while getting the needed storage or space.

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