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Registration FAQ


Q - I have an old trailer with no title. How can I register it?

A- If it is 1998 or older and has a 17 digit VIN we don't need a title. A copy of an old registration or Bill of Sale will do. If it is 1999 or newer and is 3,001 lbs or more

empty you will need to get a title. Either from the previous owner or a duplicate from the State it was titled in.

Q - Why do I need a POA?

A - This allows us to Title your trailer for you in the State of Maine.

Q - Do I have to pay sales tax?

A - If you are registering in your personal name and have not paid sales tax, yes. The State of Maine will require you to pay 5.5% in Sales Tax on the purchase price of the trailer. If you have paid sales tax in your state, we just need proof. If you are registering your trailer in a company name and you have a MC # (Motor carrier number) , ICC # or

DOT # and using the trailer for interstate commerce, you will be sales tax exempt.

Q - Can I fax or email my paperwork?

A - Only if you do not need any title work done. We MUST have the original MSO, Cert of Origin, or Title if the unit needs to be titled. If the unit is already titled in your name or if it doesn't not meet Maine's titling requirements we will only need a copy. In this case you can fax or email all your paperwork.

Q - Can I register my homemade trailer with you?

A - Yes, with a VIN Inspection Form. This is a requirement of the State. The VIN Inspection Form MUST completed by an Officer of the Law. Outside the State of Maine and New Hampshire only an officer can do this. Once this form is completed it can be emailed or faxed. If ever titled - no VIN Inspection Form is needed. Trailer must have a State assigned VIN then a VIN inspection can be completed.

Q - I registered on-line and I am not able to anymore. Can you do it for me?

A- Yes. We just need a copy of the old registration, current address, DOB/EIN, how long, and credit card information.

Q - I just bought a trailer that has Maine Plates, can I change the name on the registration?

A - No. The plates and registration are only transferable trailer to trailer, not owner to owner. You will need to register in your name.

Q - I bought a boat and the trailer came with it. How do I figure out what I have to pay for sales tax?

A - There is no need to. When it is a package deal you will not need to pay any tax. We will just need a Bill of Sale stating that it was a package deal.

Q - Why should I use Maine Trailer to register my trailer?

A - Not only have we been registering trailers for over 20 years, we are in the trailer business. We sell, lease, service, and sell parts for them. We have experienced staff that will do what it takes to meet your needs. We have made a streamline process that will get you your plate and registration when you need them.

Q - How long will it be before I get my registration and plate?

A - We usually process your paperwork the day we receive it, but processing time during peak season is typically 3-5 business days. We will always let you know if we feel there may be any delays. Mostly, it really depends on how you want to get your registration and plates back. We offer USPS Priority and FedEx options to get your registration back.

Q - When will I get my Title? - Can I rush it?

A - It can take the State up to 12 weeks to process a title. If you do not have a lien holder or are not leasing the trailer, you should receive it within that time. If you are leasing or have a lien holder, the State will send the title to them and when you have met your obligations they will then send you the title. Yes you can rush it for an additional $12.00.

Q - I had another Agent register my trailer. Can you renew it?

A - Yes. We just need a copy of the registration, a current address, DOB or EIN, how long, and credit card information.

Q - I need my camper registered.

A - We do not register anything that has Excise tax. We can recommend another Agent.

Q - When does my registration start and end?

Maine Trailer registrations run from February to February, not the calendar year. So if you register in November, and select a 5 year plate, you will have that plate for 4 years and 4 months. Maine does not prorate long term trailer registrations. If you have questions about this, give us a call!



*It is your responsibility to be informed of any and all state motor vehicle laws regarding the registration of trailers within your specific state.

**We do not register or title any trailer marked "salvaged".